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Company profile

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Henan Ruihang Husbandry Machinery Co., Ltd. located in the North Section of Ruihang Road, Xiping Industrial Clustering Zone, Henan Province covers a land area of 200,000 m2, including over 100,000 m2 standard workshops. The Company was built with total engineering investment of RMB 800 million. The Company possesses the domestic first flexible intelligent animal husbandry production line, fully-automatic 2D laser cutting machine, full-servo CNC bending machine, full-servo automatic feeding shearing machine, NC turret punch press and other advanced devices. The Company mainly produces: 1. Automatic laying hen and broiler chicken breeding devices and brooding devices. 2. Meat-type duck breeding devices. 3. Steel structure engineering devices for livestock and poultry farms. 4. Undertake livestock and poultry breeding EPC engineering.

Since its foundation in 2005, the Company has been dedicated to automatic, intelligent and environment-friendly development as well as continuous innovation and upgrading of products and has won praise of a wide range of ustomers. Currently, Ruihang Company has become an excellent supplier of Muyuan Group, Wens Group, New Hope Group, Zhengbang Group and Twins Group.

Company profile

In 2015, the Company applied the auto intelligent production line technology to production of animal husbandry devices according to the standard of Industry 4.0. The Company has successively invested over RMB 80 million to introduce 156 sets of production devices, including welding robot production line, laser cutting machine, AGV, automatic feeding machine, pneumatic displacement machine, pipe bending machine, visualized management system, etc. and has built the “flexible intelligent animal husbandry production line”.

This production line is mainly designed by using the intelligent industrial control technology, modular system design, refined process management, flexible jig and fixture tooling switch design according to the welding process requirements of pig breeding devices. It is mainly composed of seven major systems: automatic blanking system, flexible automatic welding system, safety and environmental protection system, automatic logistics system, visualized production management system, dual-air circuit system and whole line automatic control system. The building of this production line has set a benchmark for the intelligent production of the animal husbandry. It mainly improves the production efficiency, product consistency and stability and reduces the labor cost.

Company profile

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