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Chicken raising equipment
frequently asked questions

Q: The main control power supply does not close the gate

Answer: 1. Whether the switch is burned out; 2. Turn the control knob to the stop, open it one by one, see which one is hit, and check the reason; 3. Disconnect all the wires on the neutral terminal strip, press them up one by one, and press them to which switch to check which line is the reason for this.

Q: The spray pump pressure is small

Answer: 1. Whether the spray pump oil is too full. Normal is no more than half of the oil mirror. 2. Check whether the union, filter cup, and water inlet pipe are loose and leaky.

Q: Replace the fan belt

Answer:. 1. Disconnect the circuit breaker 2. Open the protective net and turn the belt off the pulley 3. Unload the two M6 bolts of the opening mechanism and take the belt out of the fan blade. 4. Note that the pusher angle of the 36 fan and the 50 fan opening mechanism is different.

Q: The circuit breaker of the feed line motor trips

Answer: 1. Check whether the current of the circuit breaker is within a reasonable specified value 2. Whether there is material accumulation at the motor 3. Test whether the motor is burned out. 4. Test for phase defects.

Q: All the equipment in the control box does not work after the alarm burns out

Answer: Turn on the alarm and connect the C1 and C2 ends.

Q: The ring controller does not close the gate or does not work

Answer: 1. If you can't close the gate, first check whether the varistor on the control power supply and the motherboard are bursting or blackening. 2 Use a multimeter to test whether the control switch is broken. 3. Whether the fuse inside the environmental controller is burned out. 4. Whether the transformer of the environmental controller burns out.


Pig breeding equipment
frequently asked questions

Q: The light line trips

Answer: 1 Check whether the leakage switch is burned out 2. Close the gate in sections and check which section of the trip 3. Check that one in strips after segmentation

Q: The plug disc line and chain line chain cannot be pulled

A: 1. Look at the tightness of the material strip 2. Check whether there is a foreign object stuck in the corner.

1. Detection method of dynamometer:

1) Connect the load bulb to terminals M1 and M2, and connect the power cord to terminals L and N. 2) Power-on test, automatic state to observe the brightness of the tungsten lamp and whether the voltage at the terminals L and N changes with the change of 0-10V. 3) Power-on test, manually observe the brightness of the tungsten lamp and whether the voltage at the terminals L and N changes with the rotation of the knob.

2. How to judge whether the circuit breaker is faulty

1). Multimeter quick identification method: press the red button of the thermal relay, measure a pair of opposite normally open point in and out line ends with the path file, and the normally closed point shows infinity, indicating that the circuit breaker is good. 2). Press the green button of the thermal relay, hit the multimeter on the access block, measure a pair of opposite normally open point in and out of the line end, if it beeps and has a fixed resistance, it means that the circuit breaker is good. 3). When the load current exceeds the rated current of the motor protection circuit breaker, it will be automatically disconnected, so that the load contactor coil is de-energized and disconnected to protect the load! Explain that the circuit breaker is good.

3. Treatment method of loose fan belt

1) Press the belt by hand to move more than 1.5 cm inward to loosen (add a measurement arrow here) 2) Remove the belt, loosen the back fastening bolt with a wrench, and rotate the tensioner clockwise relative to the original position in its natural state. (20°/40°/60°) 3) Press the upper belt again, press the belt to feel the tightness, and move 1.5 cm inward.

4. The chain is broken

Preliminarily judge the fracture site of the chain and determine the fracture location. Then connect the looper chain adjustment chain to the joint between the pipe and the pipe to connect the fracture, use the slipknot to connect the chain (conditions allow welding the opening of the slipknot), and dock the material pipe. The corner returns to its previous state.

5. The circuit breaker often shuts down the motor (motor overload)

The power supply is insufficient, check whether there is a phase loss or the power conductor section is too small, the motor must provide 3 phases 380 volts, check whether it is connected to the 2-phase power supply, such as debris in the chain, the motor starts abnormally. Inspect the bin, control tray and unloading, and remove debris.

6. The material line cannot be started

No power or the voltage is too low, such as the fuse burns out, replace the fuse; Check whether the leakage protector is set correctly, under normal circumstances, the leakage protector will automatically cut off the motor power supply if the current is too high; Check whether the main circuit meets the requirements for use.

7. How to deal with the alarm of the environmental controller?

Press the number "6" key directly to find out the fault code, and find out the cause according to the code. 1 - low temperature alarm 2 - high temperature alarm 3 - loop controller memory error alarm 4 - no signal from all sensors 5 - no signal from one sensor 6 - humidity alarm

8. What should I do if there is no display after the environmental controller is powered on?

Check whether the power supply wiring is loose, and rewire if there is looseness; Inspect the fuse and varistor for damage, and replace the fuse (500mA) and varistor (14D471K) if so.

9. How to deal with the material line running without unloading?

Check whether there is no feed in the feed tower, and add feed if there is no feed; Check the auger for breaks, if there is a fracture weld. Check whether the level is faulty and replace the level level.

10. How to deal with excessive current or excessive temperature rise of the fan motor?

Adjust the voltage, power off to eliminate circuit problems; Adjust the position of the motor to reduce belt tightness; Disassemble the motor to dry or replace; Increase rotation time.

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