Steel structure engineering
  • Environmental

    Environmental control equipment

    Environmental control equipment including fans, air windows, water curtains and controllers, etc., will also encounter many problems in production, such as winter chicken house heating problems, chicken house dry, dusty, how to control respiratory diseases and dust problems, large chicken house environment is unbalanced, chicken house front end ventilation dead angle problems.

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  • Find

    Find the point where equipment production and use meet

    Some people think: now an embarrassing phenomenon is that chicken breeders do not understand equipment manufacturing, understand equipment manufacturing will not raise chickens, at present, domestic equipment enterprises are mainly imitation, closed doors caused by serious phenomenon; The lack of horizontal cooperation and vertical communication between enterprises should be learned from young chicken enterprises;

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  • Egg

    Egg white manure collection equipment

    The egg conveyor belt is often dusty, which can stain the surface of the egg; The egg claw is easy to break and is not convenient to replace; How to avoid egg collision and reduce breakage when picking up eggs; There is misalignment and manure leakage in the manure cleaning belt.

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  • Chicken

    Chicken manure, dead chicken treatment facilities

    Many chicken farms use scraper boards to clean manure, which not only takes a long time (about 45 minutes each time), but also twists the scraper back and forth, and the chicken manure becomes very thin and not easy to handle; There is no unified standard for the disposal of dead chickens, and there is a lack of supporting treatment facilities.

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